We are three friends building the card game "Hidden Leaders". After many years of developing and playing boards games we are ready to launch our first game on Kickstarter later this year.


"Hidden Leaders" is a 30-minutes strategic, deduction card game for 2-5 players. Sign up bellow or follow us on social media. Stay tuned!

Background Story

The island of Caerlon is at the brink of a civil war. Since the king was dethroned and sent into exile, the league of the Lord Protector (red) and the royalist rebels (blue) are struggling for dominance over the country. While the league is using the brute force of the military, the rebels have won the support of most mages and scholars. An open conflict between the two would be disastrous for the country, therefore a neutral alliance (yellow) made up of merchants, non-human immigrants and political peacemakers is struggling to maintain the delicate balance of powers. However, in the shadows the dangerous cult of the snake goddess Ourbora is lurking and attempting to throw the land into chaos.

In this delicate political situation only true heroes can decide the fate of the country. The players each take the role of one of six hidden leaders and hire different heroes for their party to influence the outcome of this conflict. While they place heroes on the board, they not only influence the conflict in favour of one of the four factions (red, blue, yellow and black), but they also determine their affiliation with one of them. What will be the destiny of Caerlon? And more importantly: Who will be its new leader?

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